Momentum: Voices For Change



Momentum: Voices For Change is a monthly musical expression series that addresses the unique obstacles that black artists face, recognizes the important contributions that the Black community has had on the world of arts and theatre, and most importantly celebrates the talent, love, and beauty of the black community that we have here in Union County.


Momentum is organized and curated by Khy Garner and Kyrus Keenan Westcott, and musically directed by Teddy Kernizan.


"Momentum implies movement, continuation of progress, and a potential energy source fueling that movement. Together we are establishing this gathering not as a first step but as a continuation of our mission statement with a more focused cadence, a more deliberate pace, and a more fervent attention to the detailed call to action that the arts community needs from us. We hope that this expression allows all of us to lead as we listen and educate as learn; to stand for what we believe in, stand against what we eradicate, and stand beside our brothers and sisters each and every day from this day forth"





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