Kristin Barber: is a former talent agent from NYC with a large roster of celebrity clients. Kristin taught classes at Weist-Barron School's ACTeen Program in commercials, commercial audition technique, and film acting technique for children and teens. Kristin is now a manager, managing children, teens, and adults for TV, Film, Theater, and Commercials.


Marjorie Williams: I have lived a fascinating life as a singer, visual artist, writer, storyteller and educator of college-level adults.  And I am an intuitive and spiritual advisor with more than 35 years’ experience in these areas.  I use innate spiritual gifting to enter into sacred spaces of the imagination and natural world where we conduct our daily lives, as well as the power of creativity to unveil the a in arts and artifacts.


Amy Fiore: founded Play Theater in 2013. Amy holds a BFA from Syracuse University in Musical Theater Performance with a minor in Education and has taught theater, acting, and arts administration to children and adults for 15 years. In its short existence, Play Theater has mounted 2 productions and 5 semesters of classes.