This show is about bubbles, bubble fun and the science that makes bubbles work.


During the show, Jeff Boyer will be creating small, medium, and large bubbles, bubbles inside of bubbles, fog bubbles and more kinds of bubbles. There will be music, volunteers coming on stage from the audience and near the end the lights will dim while Jeff makes a particular bubble dance then lights will come back to normal again.


Follow this guide to know what’s coming next in the show.


The show begins with an announcer letting everyone know that the show is starting. The lights in the seating area will dim half way.
Join us in applauding at this time!


Jeff starts the show by blowing small bubbles and asking the audience questions about bubbles


1. Jeff will ask: what sorts of objects can we make bubbles from?
He’ll try different objects to see if bubbles can be made!


2. Jeff Will blow bubbles with a loop of string and then make those bubbles “ride the roller coaster” made by the loop of string.

3. Jeff will juggle bubbles and make them do tricks.
4. Jeff will ask for two volunteers to be brought on stage. Two children – a boy and a girl – will join him on stage and will make a platform for a bubble stack with their hands.

5. Jeff will blow some larger bubbles and then ask for two more volunteers from the audience will compete to see who can keep bubbles in the air longest.

The volunteers will then work together to keep lots and lots of bubbles in the air. When they are done Jeff will ask for a "Big Round of Applause" for his helpers. This is your opportunity to clap if you like!

6. Jeff will ask if you would like to see bubbles in a bubble.

7. Jeff will make huge bubbles!

8. Jeff will ask for 2 more volunteers. These volunteers will learn to jiggle bubbles and dance with bubbles.

When Jeff asks for a round of applause for his helpers, you can clap!

9. Jeff asks for two more volunteers to come on stage and he shows them how to make a bubble volcano with fog filled bubbles.
10. Jeff will then show how to dance and make small fog bubbles out of large fog bubbles
11. Jeff will show you how fog rings look and explain how air moves through a toroid ring.
12. Jeff will remind you that anything worth doing is worth over doing and will bring out the giant toroid launcher. He’ll send big fog filled toroid rings over your head.
13. Jeff will ask for the lights to be dimmed. The lights on the stage will lowered. Jeff turn on a light under a glass table. He’ll make a fog filled bubble on top of the table. He’ll attach a clear piece of plastic to the top of the bubble and make it dance while the lights glowing up from the table change colors.
14. Jeff will remove the piece of plastic and create a fog bubble volcano. Then he’ll ask for the light to come back up and the lights will get brighter on stage.
15. Jeff will announce that this is the “Big Finale”. He will ask for a small child volunteer to come up on stage. He’ll put that small child in a bubble.
He’ll ask for applause for his volunteer and then ask for two more volunteers to join him on stage and he will put them in a bubble. He will then put a whole family in a bubble!

Jeff will say “That’s the end of my show!” He’ll remind everyone of his name, Jeff Boyer, and that he loves to perform at schools and festivals and that you can contact him if you would like him to perform for your group.

The lights will come back up in the audience and you will have an opportunity to clap for Jeff and all the volunteers one more time!

Then it’s time to go home.